Connect to the decentralized finance ecosystem

Crowdstake is the easier and safer way to accept cryptocurrency. Leverage staking pools to access to new capital for your charity, project or business.

Non-Profit & Charities​

Crowdstake allows non-profits to effortlessly receive donations from staked Ethereum rewards, making it easier for supporters to contribute without giving up their principal capital.

Film Financing​

Crowdstake provides filmmakers with a novel financing model, enabling them to fund projects through decentralized staking rewards while engaging fans directly.

Video Game Financing

Game developers can leverage Crowdstake to secure continuous funding from gamers' staking rewards, offering exclusive in-game perks and early access as incentives.


Crowdstake empowers musicians and artists to receive financial support from fans’ staking rewards, providing a steady income stream while fans retain their initial investment.

Content Creators

Content creators can utilize Crowdstake to fund their projects through their audience's staking rewards, ensuring ongoing support and engagement without requiring large upfront investments from supporters.